The bandolinist Ian Coury was born in Brasilia on February 4, 2002, and, still very young, showed an interest in learning how to play an instrument. By the age of seven, he had drum and guitar lessons, but it was a Brazilian instrument called cavaquinho that he became fond of, since it was ideal for his size.


The love of the mandolin came months later. Ian was 8 years old when he was introduced to the instrument at a concert of Armandinho Macedo at Clube do Choro in Brasilia on October 16, 2009.


That morning, his father woke him up excitedly, holding a newspaper and saying he would take him to a mandolin show. Ian, drowsy and surprised at the approach, agreed to go. He just did not imagine that that night would be one of the most important in his life, and that from that moment his career would be traced for the next few years.


 It was between drinking a coke and taking a nap that Ian went for his first show. At that time, only as a spectator. But just as Armandinho stepped onto the stage playing the loose strings of his mandolin, Ian was mesmerized. He tried to tell his father “that’s what I want to play!” At the break, he ran into the dressing room, in order to talk to his newest idol. Promptly attended, he was encouraged to learn to play mandolin. Today, he remembers this passage fondly.


A few months later, Ian won his first 8-string mandolin. His teacher and greatest encouragement was Marcelo Lima, at the time professor of the School of Choro Raphael Rabello. He chose the musical genre “choro” to begin his learning and his main influences were Hamilton de Holanda, Armandinho Macedo and Jacob do Bandolim.


Professor Marcelo Lima did not hide his excitement, and always commented on the talent of Ian. “This boy has a brilliant path, he likes to invent, to improvise,” he said.


And, between one class and another, one invitation and another, Ian began to introduce himself and to get used to the stages, always well accompanied by his friend, the mandolin.


At the age of 11, he took the stage with Hamilton de Holanda, his idol. At 12, he made his first solo show at the renowned Clube do Choro in Brasilia, with a crowded house. Public and critical success. That same year he took the stage with Armandinho Macedo.


At 13, he changed the 8-string mandolin for the 10, influenced by Hamilton de Holanda. It was also on the stage of the Choro Club in Brasilia that Ian presented his second solo show.


At age 14, he received from Armandinho Macedo a Bahian guitar, a new instrument, a gift sent by Elifas Santana. Ian liked so much the present, that until today he interposes the guitar with the mandolin in his shows.


Today, at the age of 15, he already had his talent recognized by the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, Arts, History and Literature, Chamber of Deputies of Brasília and Magazine of Choro. In his curriculum, he also participated in the courses “Global Strings Intensive” and “Summer Five Week”, both by Berklee College of Music located in Boston / USA. He also participated in festivals and international conferences.


Hence, Ian took the stage with internationally recognized musicians such as Paquito D’Rivera, Cláudio Roditti, Hamilton de Holanda, Armandinho Macedo, Toninho Horta, Manassés de Souza among others.


The young bandolinist proves that talent has no age. His musicality has no limits. His improvisations are creative and his musical maturity led him to be considered as a great promise of Brazilian instrumental music. The musician’s proposal is to play the instrument in a cheerful, relaxed and carefree way. The goal is to dialogue with the music and “have fun playing and playing with fun. With undeniable talent, Ian certainly has a lot to offer to Brazilian and international music.